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Our parent Multimedia software company "Soccer Made Easy" established itself as a leader and innovator in soccer multimedia in 1985. Its initiatives, combined with its unique vision has inspired distance learning for soccer on multilple levels. Since its conception, Ten's of Thousands of clubs, coaches and players in over 110 countries have adopted our programs as their primary coaching tool. Millions of visitors have made one of the most used coaching websites in the world.

THE EARLY DAYS (pre-internet)

In the mid 80's, Soccer Made Easy's main focus was on soccer education through books and coaching curricullums.

As computer usage became more common Soccer Made Easy set to work on developing the first ever coaching CD-ROM for soccer. Soccer Made Easy was the first ever company to design and use animation for soccer.

Multi Media CD-ROMS

1986 Developed "first ever" CD-ROM made for soccer coaching.
The "Skills and Drills" CD_ROMThe program was cutting edge for it's time by providing youth clubs and coaches with a progressive and comprehensive coaching curriculum. The program featured the first animation program for sports education. Each practice is fully animated and uses drills and games performed by top coaches worldwide. There are nine printable coaching manuals on this CD-ROM.
  1988 Developed Soccer Made Easy "PREMIER" CD-ROM
Soccer Made Easy PREMIER was designed to bring the latest information in Team Tactics, Warm Ups, Nutrition, Physiology, Fitness and much, much more.  There are over 600 printable pages for coaches take right to practice.

1990 Developed "The After Practice Experience" CD-ROM
The "After Practice Experience" CD-ROM was designed specifically for players. The program provides players with everything they need to know regarding Skills, Tactical tips, Fitness, Nutrition and Game Day Preparation and much more. The "After Practice Experience" was designed to reinforce all the important topics a coach teaches throughout the season. 

  1992 Developed "Passing Made Easy"
Passing Made Easy represented the most comprehensive collection of animated passing practices ever assembled.
  1993 Developed "Scouting the Opposition" CD-ROM
Scouting the Opposition CD-ROM is the perfect tool to assist you when analyzing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. The content covers; Team Shape, Attacking Tendencies, Defensive Tendencies, Strengths and Weaknesses, Psychological Factors, Physical Traits, Practical Tips, Scouting Check List and Scouting Forms. The Scouting the Opposition CD content was written by Dan Gaspar.
  1995 Developed "Goalkeeper Trainer" CD_ROM
The Goalkeeper Trainer CD-ROM is the most practical goalkeeper training software you will find anywhere. The program features over 40 animated goalkeeping drills you to watch, print and take right to practice or use for training handouts. There are five sections on Diving, Ball Handling, Shot Stopping, Footwork and Fitness. It’s like having your own goalkeeper coach right at home.
  1998 Developed The "Soccer Drill Maker" CD-ROM
The Drill Maker softwarewas te first program that allowed coaches to create quality custom designed diagrams and drills that look professional. Coaches could create and save their own Drills, Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, Throw In's, Line-up's and much more. Drill Maker provided a variety of Quality Fields, Backgrounds, Variety of Players, Balls, Cones, Corner Flags, Directional Arrows, and much more.
  2002 Developed "The World Youth Training Program" CD_ROM
The World Youth Training Program was specifically designed to provide youth clubs and coaches with a progressive and comprehensive coaching curriculum. Each practice is fully animated and uses drills and games performed by top coaches worldwide. No other software program lays out the entire season, step by step, in such an easy to understand format.

Coaching Books

1995 to Present Soccer Made Easy Coaching Books
In addition to our Internet Coaching Initiative, Soccer Made Easy authored an extensive product line of soccer coaching books. The books are internationally published through Reedswain and include the following title; Coaching Players Age 5 to 8, Coaching Players Age 9 to 12, Coaching Players Age 13 to 16, Coaching Goalkeepers. All of our books are sold in nationally recognized stores such as Barnes and Nobles.

Websites and Coaches Association

Recognizing the need to provide quility soccer education to coaches worldwide, Soccer Made Easy made the decision to move all its content onto one central resourse. On February 6th, 1997, was launched. The website was the first on the world wide web, designed specifically for soccer coaching education. At the time, was a pioneer for distance learning in soccer.

On April 30th, 2003 we launched the “International Coaches Association”. The International Coaches Association is now the world’s largest online Coaches Association and has registered and certified thoudands of coaches in over 110 countries.

1997 "The First ever Coaching Website" was the first coaching website on the internet. It has grown into the most comprehensive coaching resource available in the world. Inside this site you will find over 5,000 pages of text, graphics and superb animation covering every aspect for coaching soccer. Thousands of coaches in over 107 countries have subscribed and are members of
2003   International Coaches Association Website
The International Coaches Association (ICA) was launched on April 30th, 2003.The ICA is the first “International Coaches Association” and has rapidly evolved into the worlds largest online Coaches Association. It is recognized by thousands of coaches worldwide as the leaders in online coaching. The ICA takes the leading role in online coaching, and is committed to its continued development of cutting edge online coaching educational services.  
2005 The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course Website
The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course is the ever fitness for soccer certification course online. It fastest, most convenient way for you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary when it come to fitness training for soccer. ICA Course instructor Roger Spry is recognized as one of the top fitness and conditioning trainers in the world.

Other Projects– Online Learning Websites

The ICA have develop instruction curriculums with some outstanding coaching education companies and national camp programs such as The Irish FA, Skyhawks Summer Camps, Eurotech Soccer Camps, Challenger and many more.

In 2005 the ICA signed a multi year deal to develop and produce a comprehensive online coaching certification website for the National Alliance of Youth Sports. The National Alliance for Youth Sports is a membership organization and the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained more than 2 million coaches since its inception in 1981. More than 2,600 community-based agencies and organizations have access to the program.

The ICA produced and developed online instruction website for soccer, football, Baseball, Flag Football, T-Ball, Softball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Inline Hockey.

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