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The most important factor in winning games are not tactics or formations, it is the quality of individual "technique". Team tactics are totally dependent upon each player's ability to execute the technical components of those tactics. For tactics to succeed you must have players who can pass the ball diagonally behind a defense, control the ball in tight areas, dribble past an opponent, or win head balls in set-plays. Without players who possess good technique, your time invested in team organization and principles of play will be fruitless. With players of high technical ability, the foundation will be strong to apply those techniques in skillful and tactical situations. It is of paramount importance that coaches understand how quality technique is developed and implement a coaching regimen to challenge players to a level of technical excellence. "Practice does not make perfect" rather " practice makes permanent." To teach technique, coaches must be able to break down each component and relay that information to their players. The technique must be isolated and performed until it becomes habit.

This section covers the skills in Passing, Ball Control, Shooting, Heading, Dribbling and Defending and Goalkeeping.Each skill is explained in detail and features and introductory chapter describing the tactical considerations for the topic you select



Introduction chapter to Passing
The Push Pass
The Low Driven Pass
The Bent or Swerved Pass
The Chip Pass
The Lofted Pass
The Heel Pass
The Stab Pass

Ball Control

Introduction chapter to Ball Control
Cushion Control using the Feet
Cushion Control using the Inside of the foot
Cushion Control using the Thigh
Cushion Control using the Chest
Cushion Control using the Head
Wedge Control using the Feet
Wedge Control using the Thigh
Wedge Control using the Chest
Wedge Control using the Head


Introduction chapter to Shooting
Shooting with the inside of the Foot
The Low Driven Shot
The Lofted Shot
The Chip Shot
The Bent (swerved) Shot
The Half Volley Shot
The Full Volley Shot


Introduction chapter to Heading
Attacking Heading
Defensive Heading
Flick On Header
Diving Header


Introduction chapter to Dribbling
Dribbling Secrets
The Half Turn
The Quarter Turn
The Stop and Go
The Fake Stop and Go
The Fake Cut
The Chop
The Step Over


Introduction chapter to Defending
Restraint when Defending
Timing of the Tackle
The Psychology of Tackling
The Block Tackle
The Slide Tackle


Introduction chapter to Goalkeeping
Saving Ground Balls
Waist Height Saves
Head Height Saves
Above Head Height Saves
Diving Saves
Dealing with Crosses
Parrying the Ball
The Under Hand Roll
The Overhand Throw
The Goal Kick
The Full Volley
The Drop Kick

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