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The ICA is the first ever soccer organization worldwide to develop and implement an Online Coaching Academy. Our online courses are the first of their kind and have set a new standard for international coaching education. The ICA Online Coaching Academy is the fastest, most convenient way for you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary when it comes to developing your coaching ability. Now you can get certified at your convenience and at your pace.

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The International Bronze Course is directed towards coaches who are training youth players ages 5 through 9 years. This is an introductory level course, designed to improve the coaches understanding in the areas of Coaching Methodology, Team Management, Skill Development, Health and Safety and Laws of the Game. This online course, does exceed the requirements of many national schools and academies introductory certificates worldwide. This online course is FREE with membership to The ICA. Why wait get ICA certified today! JOIN NOW!



The ICA Fitness and Conditioning Course is the first ever online certification for soccer fitness training. The course is specifically designed to improve the coaches understanding in all the important areas of fitness training. Directed by Roger Spry - Fitness coach for the Austrian national team in the 2008 European Championships. You will learn about Warm Ups, Isolation Training, Speed Development, Strength Training, Stamina Training, Flexibility Training, Rhythm Training, Mobility Training, Cool Down's, Fitness Testing and much more. Enrollment is a one time fee of $85.00. JOIN NOW!


There is a tremendous need and demand for coaching education world wide. Most countries have national coaching schools and offer community based and residential coaching programs, but these courses are designed to instruct the few and not the masses. The actual coaches certified in each country is approximately 15%. That leaves 85% of the coaches teaching soccer with no fundamental training.

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In reality, the vast majority of coaches teaching the game world wide are volunteer coaches who often do not have the time, or resources to attend coaching clinics to enhance their knowledge of the game. The vehicle in which present day coaching education is delivered is very much that of a hands on affair.

The instructor must be qualified, be available, and have a captive audience to teach. The die hard coaches are usually in attendance but it’s the majority, the masses of parent/volunteer coaches who are not being connected with.

The ICA was the first professional Coaches Association to approach the problem “head on” by implementing the first online, coaching education certification, that is convenient and Free!

Establish on February 6th, 1997, The International Coaches Association (, was the first soccer website on the Internet dedicated solely to “Online Coaching Education.” Since then, The ICA has registered over 15,000 members and has certified thousands of coaches in over 107 countries through its Online Coaching Academy. Through The ICA, Coaches are able to receive training online and learn from the best professional’s world wide.

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Did You Know?

A wide-scale survey launched by FIFA indicates that over 265 million people regularly play soccer around the world, along with almost five million referees, assistant referees and officials who are also directly involved in the game. • There are more member nations that belong to Federation International de Football Association (“FIFA”) (207) than member nations that belong to the United Nations (191).

The overall number of soccer players worldwide has increased to 265 million players. When referees and officials are added, the total increases to 270 million – which converts into1 in 25 directly involved in soccer.

There are over 301,000 clubs worldwide and 1.7 million registered teams.

The number of players worldwide has increased from 30 million in 2000 to 38 million in 2006.

There are over 20 million women footballers, 80% of whom are juniors or still in their teens, which demonstrates that the growing popularity for women's football is not only the prerogative of North America.

Soccer is played worldwide by more than 1.5 million teams and in 300,000 clubs.

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