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Offensive and Defensive Team Tactics
This section is designed to introduce you to a wide selection of Fundamental and Advanced Tactical principles for effective team performances such as Systems of Play, Attacking Team Tactics, Defensive Team Tactics, Small Group Tactics, Attacking Restarts and Set-Play’s, Defensive Restarts and Set-Play’s.


Systems of Play

The 4-4-2 System
The 3-5-2 System
The 4-3-3 System
The 3-4-3 System
The 4-5-1 System

Attacking Team Tactics

Attacking Team Principles
Attacking with Width as a Team
Depth in Attack
Playing Direct
Setting Up Play
Beating the Offside Trap
Building from the Defensive Third
Wide Defender Passing Option 1
Wide Defender Passing Option 2
Wide Defender Passing Option 3
Wide Defender Passing Option 4
Wide Defender Passing Option 5
Wide Defender Passing Option 6
Central Defender Passing Option 1
Central Defender Passing Option 2
Central Defender Passing Option 3
Central Defender Passing Option 4
Central Defender Passing Option 5
Central Defender Passing Option 6
Attacking Runs
Attacking Run 1
Attacking Run 2
Attacking Run 3
Attacking Run 4

Defensive Team Tactics

Defensive Team Principles
High Pressure Defending
Role of the First Forward (FWD)
Role of the Second Forward (FWD)
Role of the Near Side Midfielder (RM)
Role of the Central Midfielders (CM)
Role of the Far Sided Midfielder (LM)
Role of the Near Side Fullback (RB)
Role of the Central Defender (CD)
Role of the Sweeper (SWP)
Role of the Far Sided Fullback (LB)

Low Pressure Defending
The Offside Trap
The Offside Trap on Free Kicks
Playing with a Sweeper
Making Play Predictable

Small Group Tactics

Overlapping Runs
Cross-Over Runs
Blind-Sided Runs
The Wall Pass
Recovery Runs and Channels
Losing Tight Markers
Man for Man Marking

Restarts and Set Plays


Principles of Defensive Restarts
Defending Corner Kicks
Defending the Long Throw in
The 1 Man Wall
The 2 Man Wall
The 3 Man Wall
The 4 Man Wall
The 5 Man Wall


Principles of Attacking Restarts
Attacking Corner Kick - Crowding the Goalkeeper
Attacking Corner Kick - Front or Back Post Area
Attacking Corner Kick - Behind the first defender
Attacking Throw In - The Fake Long Throw

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