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Resistance to the effects of fatigue can only be accomplished through intensive, vigorous training that overloads the energy production systems. Several methods of training will be discussed in this section. They are: Continuous Running, Circuit Training, Interval Training, Fartlek Training, Acceleration Running, and Strength Training.


Agility Ladder Training - Video
Barcelona Turning to Run Drill
Newcastle United Fitness Sprints
Fake Runs
Chasing Shadows
Penalty Spot Run
Fitness Triangle
Fitness Circle One
Fitness Circle Two
The Running Tree
Scotland Runs (fitness with the ball)
Fitness with the Ball (Flag Running)

Soccer Speed, Agility and Quickness Circuit
Station 1 - Forward Ladder
Station 2 - Zig Zag Runs
Station 3 - Mini Hurdle Hops
Station 4 - Four Corner Drill
Station 5 - Lateral Ladder
Station 6 - Traffic Run with Cones
Station 7 - Drop and Recover Sprints
Station 8 - Agility Drill

Circuit Training Stations
Station 1: Sprint Work (Around the Clock)
Station 2: Aerial Passing
Station 3: Wedge Control
Station 4: Explosive Movements for Dribbling
Station 5: 1 v 1 Dribbling and Defending
Station 6: Attacking Heading

The Green Test - Box Sprint 1
The Green Test - Box Sprint 2
The Green Test - Box Sprint 3
The Green Test - Box Sprint 4
The Green Test - Box Sprint 5
The Green Test - Box Sprint 6
Speed Training 1
Speed Training 2
Half Field Runs

Fitness with the Ball
Interval Training
Fartlek Training
Acceleration Running
Training to Perfection
Continuous Running
Designing a soccer specific fitness program

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