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Coaching Methodology - practice makes permanent not perfect! This section provides you with information on the latest coaching methods used by top professionals. Great tips on how to organize your practices. Learning the formula for effective coaching, communication and much more. The modern game of soccer has improved significantly, due to the enhanced knowledge and application in areas of tactics, fitness, nutrition and organization. Players are stronger, possess a higher level of fitness and more educated in their daily nutritional needs. Coaching is readily accepted as an important component in today’s game. This was not always the case. In many countries, people involved in the game believed coaching would ruin the game and good players were born, not made.


For the past several decades, coaching organizations have slowly gained respect and proven that better teachers can produce better players. Thousand of coaches attend national coaching schools across the world to improve their knowledge of the game and in turn transfer their experiences and love of the game to train future stars. Once a coach has acquired a certain degree of technical and tactical understanding, they then form their philosophy of the game and develop a picture of how it should be played. Some coaches prefer the Brazilian approach; others subscribe to the European methods and many coaches create a combination of both styles. There are many common elements when it comes to coaching. Below are some of the important principles all coaches should master.

Coaches must understand how habits are formed.
Coaches must possess knowledge on how players learn.
Practice sessions must be highly organized and well planned.
Practices should progress in a logical sequence.
Practices should be performed in relative areas of the field.

It is should also be stated that “practice does not make perfect”. It would be more precise to say, “practice makes permanent”. This holds true for both good and bad training. The quantity of practices must never be more important than the quality of practices. Keep your sessions simple and clear. In this section you will find useful information on how to organize your practice sessions more efficiently, understand the coaching formula, effective communication, how players learn and the qualities of a good coach.

Coaching Organization
The Coaching Formula
How to Coach the Practice Session
When to Progress
How Young Players Learn
Qualities of a Good Coach

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