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Select from a large variety of Warm Up drills and games to custom design your own practice sessions. There are fun and challenging practices for every age and skill level.


Warm Up Introduction

The FIFA 11+ Dynamic Warm Up
Variety of Stretching Exercises
Necessity of Cool Down's

Warm Up Videos

Fun Warm Up Games (video)
Numbers Sprint Drill (video)
Creative Moves warm Up (video)
Warm Up with the Ball (video)
Do This, Do That Game (video)
Catch Your Man Game (video)
More Fun Warm Up Games (video)
Soccer Speed and Agility Warm Up (video)
Skill and Agility Warm Up (video)
Soccer Regeneration & Recovery Session (video)
The Tag Game (video)
Push Me Over (Video)
Snatch (Video)
Slap Knees (Video)
Head or Catch Reaction Game (video)
Street Soccer (video)
Pendulum Stretching (video)
Pass and Sprint Reaction Drill (video)
Odds and Evens with the Ball (video)
Odds and Evens without the Ball (video)
Mannequin Sprint Drill (video)
Ladder Drill - Ickey Shuffle (video)
Ladder Drill - In and Outs (video)
Ladder Drill - Lateral Sprints (video)
Ladder Drill - Skaters (video)
Ladder Drill - Straight Sprints (video)
Ladder and Ball Warm Up (video)
Ladder and Ball Warm Up 2 (video)
Group Stretching (video)
Power of the Circle (video)
Arsenal Warm Up Drill (video)
Man City Warm Up Drill (video)

Warm Up Drills and Games

College Pre Game Warm Up
Brazil Line Warm Up
Double Dribble Warm Up
Double Up Warm Up
Swedish Warm Up Agility Drill
Tempo Drill One - "Throwing the Ball"
Tempo Drill Two - Throwing the Ball "One Bounce"
Tempo Drill Three - "Volleying the Ball"
Tempo Drill One - "Passing the Ball"
Up and Down
Juggle Spin
Juggle Cart Wheel
Circle Sprints Outside
Circle Sprints Inside
The Brazilian Warm Up
Call The Number
Chain Relay
Make Them Work
Bird on a Fence
Pick up the Vest
Million Touches
Sprint and Sit
Dribble Tag
Sixty Seconds
Head Catch In Pairs
Hands in a Circle
Trunk Twists
Up and Under
Push Up Wars
30 Second Shielding
Speedy Feet
Toe Touches
Thigh Touches
Crescent Kicks
Figure Eights
One Bounce through the Legs
Roll around the Feet
Two Player Ball Sit Ups
Two Player Leg Stretch
Two Player Leg Stretch (sideways)

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