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Now you can train your goalkeeper like the pro’s with drills designed by professional and national team goalkeepers. This section features animated goalkeeping drills for you to watch, print and take right to practice. There are sections on Diving, Ball Handling, Shot Stopping, Footwork and Fitness. In addition, all the goalkeeping techniques are explained in detail. There is also a variety of "special topics" designed to provide you with professional tips on how to improve your goalkeepers overall performance. "It’s like having your own goalkeeper coach right at home".



Footwork and Diving Drill -

Special Topics

The Keepers Tongue: The Foundation of Communication
How Far Off The Line Should The Goalkeeper Be?
Keeper Language
Pass Back Rule
Selecting Your Keeper Gloves
Tryout Suggestions
The Rhythm Influence
Self Talk Statements
Winners versus Losers
Winning Mentality - Goal Setting
Angle Play
Dominate the Box
Role as a Team Player
Secrets of Good Positioning
The Game Training the Goalkeeper
Central/Peripheral Awareness
Depth Perception
Ocular Motility
Speed of Recognition Time
Visual Acuity

Professional Pre-Game Warm Up  

A Professional Pre-Game Warm Up
Step One: Stretching
Step Two: Getting a feel for the ball.
Step Three: Serve skipping balls.
Step Four: Progress to two servers.
Step Five: Two shooters each side.
Step Six: Crosses and distribution.
Step Seven: Close range serves.
Step Eight: High serves edge of box.
Step Nine: Two shooters edge of box. 

Learn the Skills

Saving Ground Balls
Waist Height Saves
Head Height Saves
Above Head Height Saves
Diving Saves
Dealing with Crosses
Parrying the Ball
The Under Hand Roll
The Overhand Throw
The Goal Kick
The Full Volley
The Drop Kick


Repeated Diving Drill
Dive and Catch Drill
High Save, Low Save
Save or Dive Reaction
Diving Break Aways
Chase and Dive
Five Ball Drill

Ball Handling

Off the Wall 1
Off the Wall 2
Side Pass the Ball
Up and Down and Throw Game
Drop Ball Drill
Turn and Save
Rapid Save Drill
Side to Side
Catch and Pick Up
Across the Goal
Front Post Bounce
Two Catch Drill Front Post Angle Drill

Shot Stopping

Break Away Drill
Two Goal Drill
Shooting Both Sides
Change Angle Drill
Rapid Shooting
Two Shot Drill
Center and Wide Drill
1 v 1 Drill
1 v 1 Both Sides


Ground Passing
Pressure Passing
Long Range Kicking
Rapid Kicking
Volley Drill


Catch and Sit Up
Sit Up's and Dive
Slalom Drill
Ball Shuttles
Reaction Drill
Goalie Wars

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