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There's more to winning than skills and tactical understanding. The "Player Preparation" section gives you a professional insight into other important aspect you need to develop. Topics such as Looking after your equipment, What to keep in your kit bag, How to handle not being selected, Respecting the officials and Being a good sport are covered in detail.


Looking after your Equipment

It is vitally important that you take good care of your soccer equipment. Before each game make sure that you check that you have everything you need. This section will provide you with a quick check list.

 Taking care of your Soccer Shoe’s

This section provides seven great tips on soccer shoe maintenance.

What to keep in your Kit Bag

Make sure you check your bag before you leave for practice and games. Here's a checklist of what should be inside your bag.

How to handle not being selected

There will be times in every players career when they are not selected to play and have to sit the bench. It is important that you always keep a positive attitude and not allow the decision to get you down. Some of the greatest players in the world have sat on the bench. Here are a few tips to help you if you are not in the team line-up.

Developing a "lifestyle" for soccer

Being an athlete is all about habits, whether it is on or off the field. Respect your body and what you do to it. Here are a few tips to live by.

Respecting the Officials

When you lose, don't blame the officiating. Assess your performance and take responsibility for it. Of course, there will be times when referees and officials miss a call. Remember the officials are doing the best they can and that missed calls are just part of the game—and of life.

Being a Good Sport

Here's a 10-item checklist to follow as you try to develop a habit of good sportsmanship.

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