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This section provides you with information on FIFA rules for Eleven-a-side games and recommended formats for small-sided soccer.


FIFA Laws of the Game

“All rights of the current Laws mentioned in this web site are reserved by FIFA, and they are the official laws of the International Football Association Board.”

Small-Sided Games

Short-sided soccer is about what is best for young soccer players. It's for coaches, referees, administrators, spectators, and anyone else concerned with the development of 5 to 12 year old soccer players. This section will provide you with the guidelines for each age group.

What is it?
Under 6 Guidelines
Under 8 Guidelines
Under 10 Guidelines
Under 12 Guidelines

Micro Soccer

Micro Soccer® is used to distinguish the game beyond that of small-sided games, mini-soccer and mod-soccer. Micro Soccer® uses the fundamental team unit - three - as the basis for learning and for having fun. There are variations in the way 3-a-side soccer can be played. The rules of Micro Soccer® and its organization are covered in this section.

The Rules of Micro Soccer®
System for Substitutions and Rotation

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